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Kobe Bryant in Nike Kobe 11 Elite Low Home PE

Kobe Bryant’s got a tough battle ahead of him this season, and his toughest opponents aren’t even on the court. The Black Mamba, who has successful returning from injury to lead the Lakers this pre-season, has suffered a barrage of hate and criticism from the media, which include a startling rank as 40th in the league in terms of overall rank, a loudmouthed sports “analyst” in Skip Bayless pointing to a dark point of his life as a source of marketability, and ESPN as a whole saying the player who helped the franchise to another five titles is killing the team within. Still, Kobe managed to sink three clutch shots in a row at the end of the fourth quarter last night and did so wearing a sweet “Home” PE of the “Home” Kobe 11 Elite Low Nike. Check out some extra photos of Kobe in action with his shoes below and let us know how far you think the Lakers will go this season.The advanced Flyknit construction makes for a more durable shoe, and the wearer will benefit from the Lunarlon cushioning and mesh tongue, the latter of which provides even more durability. The rubber outsole will also come in handy for those who have to worry about icy winter weather.etween the overall design and impressive technology, the "Home" edition of the Nike Kobe 11 Elite Low is a must-have for any sneaker collector.

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