Free Catholic Crafts for kids

FREE downloadable Catholic crafts, lessons, activities and coloring pages.

The activities on this page will provide catechists, teachers, youth ministers, homeschoolers and parents a fun way to help their students or children learn about the Faith. The crafts are offered in both English y Español.

Included in each PDF is a short story in the form of a play, all the necessary printable files to complete the art activity and a materials list. In addition, there is a supplemental coloring page for younger children who may not be able to complete the primary art project.

When printing, make sure that Page Scaling is set to Fit to Paper. This way, the entire image will fill the page and not get cut off.

Catholic Objects Definitions SheetsCatholic Word Definitions Sheet with Catholic craft activities.

Catholic Objects Definitions Sheets: Download a FREE full-color 12-page PDF featuring pictures and definitions of Catholic objects. This document was created as a companion to the Catholic Words Memory Match card game. See ad below. The Catholic Words Memory Match card game will provide parents, grandparents, teachers, homeschoolers, catechists and youth ministers a fun way to help teach Catholic vocabulary words.

Catholic Words and Games Cards and Activities

Catholic Words Definitions




FREE St. Teresa of Calcutta Coloring Sheet and Kid-friendly Biography
Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta Coloring Sheet Catholic Craft

St. Teresa Canonized: On September 4, 2016 Mother Teresa of Calcutta was canonized. Mother Teresa spent her life on the streets of Calcutta, India looking after the poor, orphaned, sick, dying and disabled. Other women joined her and she formed an order called the Missionaries of Charity. What started with just 13 nuns soon spread all over the world. Today, her order has over 4,000 nuns who care for the poorest of the poor.

This FREE Catholic coloring sheet features the new Saint and is an ideal resource for a lesson on her glorious life, sainthood and on the canonization process.

32 Courageous Catholic Saints Coloring Book: This free printable coloring sheet is taken from the 32 Courageous Catholic Saints Coloring Book. This 50-page Catholic Coloring Book provides parents, grandparents, teachers, homeschoolers, catechists and youth ministers a fun way to help teach students about the Saints. The delightful drawings—created just for this coloring book—will help introduce your little ones to these glorious role models. Accompanying each Saint is a kid-friendly story celebrating their triumphant lives.

Introducing the Saints will help prepare your little ones to receive the Sacraments and inaugurate a lifelong journey of learning about the wonders of their Catholic faith. Ideal as a supplement to the various free crafts, art activities and coloring pages found on this page.

Coloring Catholic Saints coloring book

St. Teresa of Calcutta Coloring Sheet




Fr. Alejandro Vests for Mass
Catholic Priest paper doll Catholic Craft Free Downloadable

Play Synopsis: Fr. Alejandro is excited as he enters the church to celebrate his first Mass. In this play, we follow Fr. Alejandro as he vests for Mass and learn the names of his garments. Actors: 1 male child, no spoken parts.

Art Activity: Catholic priest paper doll: Color an image of Fr. Alejandro and his vestments. Cut them out and dress him in the proper order. Glue a backing so he stands on a level surface.

Materials: • Coloring sheets of priest and vestments printed on a card stock or thick paper • Crayons • Scissors • Glue • Clear Tape

Coloring Catholic Free iPad app Catholic activity

Priest EnglishPriest Spanish




The Healing of the Centurion’s Servant
Roman Centurion Helmat catholic Mass Craft

Play Synopsis: While visiting the city of Capernaum, Jesus receives a message from a centurion that his servant is sick. While en route, our Lord receives another message from the centurion that is recited at each and every Mass.

Art Activity: Roman centurion paper helmet: Color an image of a centurion’s helmet. Cut out the pieces and assemble.

Materials: • Coloring sheets of centurion’s helmet printed on a card stock or thick paper • Crayons • Scissors • Stapler • Clear Tape

English CenturionSpanish Centurion



Peter the first Pope
Peter First pope Catholic Craft paper bag puppet

Play Synopsis: During the Universal Prayer (Prayer of the Faithful), we pray for the Pope at every Mass! The Pope is our shepherd—the Vicar of Christ—whose authority to lead can be traced back to the first Pope, St. Peter. This play will recount three events from the Gospels involving St. Peter and our Lord.

Art Activity: St. Peter paper bag puppet: Color and cut out pieces to assemble a puppet of St. Peter.

Materials: • Coloring sheets • Paper bag • Crayons • Scissors • Glue • Fabric and buttons (optional)

 Coloring Catholic Saints Coloring Book

Pope EnglishPope Spanish




Mass Memory Match Game

Catholic Words memory Match card game free downloadable

Synopsis: There are several objects, furnishings and vessels that are exclusively used at Mass. Since they are seen infrequently and often at a distance, many may be unfamiliar to children. This lesson focuses on Mass vocabulary words so your little ones can recognize and name these objects.

Art Activity: Print two sets of card sheets. Fold in half, glue and cut out. Play memory card game

Materials: • Card sheets • Scissors • Spray Glue or Glue Stick • Tape

Catholic Words and Games app fun games

English CardsSpanish Cards




MYOM: Make Your Own Monstrance

Monstance Eucharist Catholic craft activity free downloadable

Synopsis: There is power in the Eucharist. So much so that St. Clare of Assisi miraculously turned away an attack by soldiers just by showing them the Sacred Host in a monstrance.

Art Activity: Color and cutout a monstrance with two Hosts. Add a stand so it can sit up.

Materials: • Coloring pages printed on card stock, crayons, glitter, scissors, glue

Mass Explained iPad app

Monstrance Craft




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