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  • Mass: Masked or Unmasked?

    Masks at Mass: A way of protecting the vulnerable or a loss of religious freedom?

  • A Holiday from Hell?

    Some believe Halloween to be an innocent evening of family fun, while others see it as a holiday promoting evil.

  • Mass Mimicking

    Children first learn the different postures and prayers said at Mass by imitating their parents. But as they grow older, they need more.

  • Judge Not

    Phobias, past hurts, scars and struggles limit Mass participation for many. Let charity guide us in our desire for increased reverence.

  • Why did Jesus have to be perfect?

    Whenever I tell my daughter nobody’s perfect, she always responds except Jesus! All Christians would agree with her. But why?

  • Tongue Tied

    There are different opinions on the gift of speaking in tongues. Let’s take a look at what the Bible says and the early Church taught!

  • Mass Resources for Kids

    Want your kids to participate at Mass? Here are several resources that can help!

  • C.E. + P.L. = Party!

    On Easter, Mass attendance will soar. We must treat these new faces with charity. The Lord says so.

  • Jesus Fell

    What happens when the sacramental form of Jesus’ Body or his Precious Blood falls to the floor?

  • Explaining Mass to Children

    While out on a family jog last month, we found a baby bird literally in the middle of the street and took it home. Only days old, the altricial newborn was barely…